Alberta Agriculture & Forestry

26 May 2021, Comments Off on Alberta Agriculture & Forestry

Alberta Agriculture & Forestry created a Regional Profiles campaign to promote and support local producers. For 18 months we worked to profile over 30 local producers in Alberta including: Broxburn Cafe, Buffalo Horn Ranch, GreenBerry Microgreens, New Oxley Garlic, Schipper Farms, Calico Farms, Antelope Creek Berry Farm, Anthem Hills Family Farm, Broken Tine Orchard, Dirt…


26 May 2021, Comments Off on RGE RD

RGE RD restaurant’s food philosophy revolves around the rich variety of local producers in the Edmonton area and in pursuit of that connection with local food, RGE RD’s menu showcases and is dictated by the seasonal ingredients available to them. They have both in-house dining experiences and on-farm dinners.

Stone City Performance Horses

26 May 2021, Comments Off on Stone City Performance Horses

Stone City Performance Horses is an elite stable offering boarding, training, lessons, and leasing. They’re located near Kingston, Ontario.


26 May 2021, Comments Off on Tiffin

Tiffin: India’s Fresh Kitchen is an Edmonton-based fresh take on Indian fare – carefully prepared, conveniently served, and never short on quality.

Parlee McLaws LLP

26 May 2021, Comments Off on Parlee McLaws LLP

Parlee McLaws LLP is a large, multi-service law firm with locations in both Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta with a commitment to genuine approachability.

Alberta Cancer Foundation

26 May 2021, Comments Off on Alberta Cancer Foundation

Alberta Cancer Foundation chose “Unfolding Moments” as the theme for their annual report. The idea was to focus on patient lifestyles and capturing important, everyday moments in their lives with their loved ones.

Northern Alberta Vascular Centre

26 May 2021, Comments Off on Northern Alberta Vascular Centre

The Northern Alberta Vascular Centre (NAVC) operates out of Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. It specializes in providing inpatient and outpatient vascular care to Western and Northern Canada. They perform over 2300 procedures each year.

Family Sessions

26 May 2021, Comments Off on Family Sessions

Family Sessions These are not the matching t-shirts family sessions of your childhood. As with all my work, these sessions are all about the story. We start with something that you love. Does your family love to have campfires? Let’s have a campfire. Do you enjoy baking or crafting together? Let’s get out the scissors…

Ribstone Creek Brewery

28 April 2021, Comments Off on Ribstone Creek Brewery

Ribstone Creek Brewery brews award-winning craft beer out of the small, rural town of Edgerton, Alberta. 


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